Bulk Pricing

For organizations looking to make a special mark with their own coffee, Foffee is happy to offer customizable coffee with bulk pricing. Perfect for running an in-house fundraiser or just having branded coffee available for your employees and guests, Foffee can help you raise funds or just caffeinate your workforce. Each bulk order of coffee includes the following:

  • Shipping to your location
  • Private labeling
  • Marketing team collaboration
  • Custom artwork contribution


Foffee's custom-branded bulk coffee offerings come in a convenient bundles of 50 bags, which when resold at a suggested MSRP of $15 per bag, can turn a decent profit for company charities, organizations, and schools.

Quantity  Cost Price/Bag MSRP Profit
50 $500 $10.00/each $15.00 $250
100 $950 $9.50/each $15.00 $550
150 $1350 $9.00/each $15.00 $900
200+ $1600 $8.00/each $15.00 $1400 

Get started with your bulk coffee order by getting in touch.