While your campaign might feature some of the finest coffee out there, it will be hard to raise the funds you need unless you let everyone know it's happening. So Foffee includes helpful marketing tools with every fundraiser to help you maximize your return.


Each fundraiser gets its own mobile-friendly, digital storefront on the Foffee website. That means your backers can purchase and support your cause from anywhere with an internet connection, and you no longer have to collect money or have access to sensitive credit card information.

Social media

Foffee helps put your organization and your sellers' social media platforms to good use to maximize your sales! Every campaign includes a social media plan and content customized to your brand, plus sharing tools to help everyone do their part to spread the word.

Additional resources

Every fundraiser also includes a customized information handout to provide to your sellers, regular in-campaign progress reports, and the helpful assistance of the Foffee team. You can check out more helpful campaign resources below.

Campaign resources

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