Partner Resources

While we like to handle most of the heavy lifting during our partners' fundraising campaigns, we do need a little help moving it along. The following links can be used by partnering organizations to get their campaigns brewing.

Help Us Help You.

Partner Deliverables Form: To get your campaign started, we'll first need to collect some basic information -- your color preferences, logos, etc. -- to get your products ready for sale. Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch should additional information be needed. Failure to complete this form can potentially delay the start of your campaign. Click here to complete the form →

Foffee Info One-Pager: This document provides a quick description of Coffees services and includes potential partner profits that are perfect for administrators, parent leaders, or coaches. Click here to download the PDF (8 MB) →

Facebook Page Post Scheduling: Foffee recommends taking advantage of the scheduling features available on Facebook to pre-schedule all the posts in your integrated marketing plan. Facebook Post Scheduling

Twitter Post Scheduling: Foffee recommends taking advantage of the scheduling features available on Twitter's Media Stuidio to pre-schedule all the tweets in your integrated marketing plan. Tweet Scheduling ,

Buffer for Social Post Scheduling: If clients would like to schedule posts to all of their social media pages -- including mobile-only apps like Instagram -- there are third party tools such as Buffer which offer limited, free scheduling options. Buffer Scheduling